API Overview

The Viator API is a strategic advantage for Suppliers, System providers and Viator: the more robust our inventory, the wider the distribution and sales potential of the supplier’s products.

The two key API functions are for availability checking and inserting bookings into your system. Integration with our API will eliminate the current hassles of reservations teams having to manually manage block-outs, confirm on request bookings and manually re-key bookings into their reservations system. Integration with our API will also allow Viator to book your products closer to the departure time to increase last minute bookings and revenue. The other API functions such as amend, cancel and redeem are optional. These can be managed via the Viator Supplier Extranet if you choose to not implement them or add support at a later date.

There are several additional immediate benefits of connecting to Viator’s API. We will include your confirmation or order number on our vouchers which will simplify the reconciliation of our travelers with your system. We can also include your confirmation number on our voucher or smartphone as a barcode if you support scanners for entry to your activity. Because we will have to match our tour and option codes to yours, we can also include your tour and option codes on the vouchers, making it easier for your team to recognize the exact product our consumer purchased.

If you have developed a custom reservations system for your business you can share this website and documentation with your software developer to review. They can estimate the effort required to implement the API for your business

Feel free to email our support desk at SupplierAPI@viator.com if you want to set up a call to discuss the project.

We look forward to you working with us to achieve system connectivity very soon, and please do not hesitate to let us know if you need assistance moving forward with this exciting project.

Supplier Built APIs

These are the functions that are provided by the supplier's tour reservation system.

  • Verify availability - This can be real-time availability which is checked during the booking process to determine if the tour is available. It may also be to determine availability for a date range for the purposes of determining blocked out dates (dates when tour is not available). Viator also supports batch availability calls that allow for the retrieval of availability from the Supplier in bulk - this call was designed to determine blocked out dates from suppliers with sizable product catalogs ( Batch Availability API). Viator also provides the capability for availability notifications from Suppliers which enables suppliers to proactively notify Viator of changes to availability (Availability Notification API) - this can be extremely useful for the Supplier as it enables it to make previously blocked out dates available.
  • Create Booking - Takes place once the booking is confirmed in Viator systems.
  • Amend Booking - Takes place when an amendment to an existing, confirmed booking is made in Viator systems.
  • Cancel Booking - Takes place when a cancellation to an existing, confirmed booking is made in Viator systems.
  • Tour List - Called by Viator to retrieve a list of products from the supplier. This will be used during the creation of a product in Viator systems.
  • Booking Notification - Called by Viator when a message is to be sent to the supplier about a particular booking.

Viator Built APIs

These functions are provided by Viator for use by the supplier's tour reservation system.

  • Availability Notification - Called by the Supplier to notify Viator of changes to availability. This notification enables Viator to quickly update availability on its systems. Viator systems verify availability with Suppliers shortly after receiving a notification from the Supplier.
  • Booking Manifest - Called by the Supplier system to return a list of the Supplier's bookings from Viator systems for a specific time frame. This list can be used to cross reference bookings between Supplier and Viator systems.
  • Booking Notification - Called by Supplier system when a message is to be sent to Viator about a particular booking.
  • Voucher Redemption - Called by the Supplier system to confirm the validity of Viator voucher presented by customers. The API enables Suppliers to verify validity as well as redeeming the voucher to ensure it cannot be redeem a second time.

Business processes supported by the Viator Supplier API

The Viator API's have been designed to support several business processes, from initial product creation through to voucher redemption. Each of the business processes are supported by the API's called from either Viator or the Supplier.

  • Product (tour) validation/information within the Viator booking system - supported by the Tour List API.
  • Determining the availability of a tour - supported by the Availability, Batch Availability and Availability Notification API's.
  • Creating a booking in the Suppliers system - supported by the Booking API.
  • Amending a booking in the Suppliers system - supported by the Booking Amendment API.
  • Cancelling a booking in the Suppliers system - supported by the Booking Cancellation API.
  • Send and receive booking related notifications to and from suppliers - supported by the Booking Notification API (two way communication).
  • Listing bookings in Viator systems - supported by the Booking Manifest API.
  • Voucher redemption and fraud detection. - supported by the Booking Redemption API.