Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If we use the API, how do suppliers control inventory available to Viator?
A: Suppliers still control the inventory they allot to Viator. The API simply replaces the manual work of inserting bookings into your system and providing blockout information to Viator. Suppliers still control the inventory that they want to sell to Viator.

Q: Does the API contain Pricing and Payment Information?
A: Viator is the credit card merchant of record for all transactions – no payment information needs to be processed by the supplier or supplier’s system. The supplier net rates and pricing are housed on the Viator side and are maintained through the regular process of contracted rates. We will not send pricing or credit card information via the API.

Q: How can non-Viator suppliers use the Viator API?
A: If you have suppliers that are not working with Viator today, please refer them to “Work with Viator” link on The Viator API will only work with current Viator suppliers, but we are always looking for new and exciting products to offer.

Q: Can I access Customer phone number or email for last minute contact via the API?
A: We are working on a closed-loop communication system for Suppliers and Customers. This enhancement will be announced to Viator suppliers. Bookings often contain the consumer's mobile phone number and this is included in the booking request.

Q: How do we map our internal product codes to Viator’s product codes?
A: Our Product team will work with the Supplier’s operational team to map these product codes. Viator will provide a list of the Suppliers Products and Tour Grades. Then Viator and the Supplier can define a mapping approach together. A sample product mapping spreadsheet is provided on the documentation page of this site. This is a critical part of the project, please ensure you have identified staff that can assist with this effort.

Q: Our test system does not have public endpoints - how can we test with your API Test Harness?
A: The source code for the test harness can be downloaded from the Documents page of this site. It can then be deployed on an Apache Server configured with PHP at your development site. No datasource is required.